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    The best way to apply for enrollment in Air Force ROTC is to attend the New Cadet Orientation held just before the start of each semester. New Cadet Orientation is a half-day event for students and parents, and includes briefings on scholarship opportunities, clubs, program requirements, standards and expectations, as well as info on where to be/what to wear during your first few weeks as a new cadet. A parents’ forum is held with Air Force ROTC cadre while students fill out enrollment paperwork. Parents are encouraged to take the opportunity to ask questions and get to know the other parents in attendance. A BBQ lunch with new cadets, parents and current cadets is held during the event. Prospective cadets must register for themselves and their parents if attending the orientation.

    New Cadet Orientation

    What should I bring to orientation?

    To complete the application process, prospective cadets should bring the following items with them to the orientation:

    University of Arizona Students

    Uof A or Pima Community College students may apply to be an Air Force ROTC cadet as long as they have at least six semesters of college remaining until they graduate and meet the minimum requirements to join the program. Students who join ROTC after their Freshman year will have to catch up in their training and academic requirements by enrolling in two courses at a time. It is recommended to start ROTC as soon as you start college to avoid having to double up on credits (dual enrollment). Note: Uof A students will not be able to dual enroll in Air Force ROTC classes via UAccess, as a course conflict with the morning leadership laboratory will prevent adding two MLA courses in the same semester. Contact us at afrotc@email.arizona.edu, so we can override the conflict and get you enrolled in the appropriate classes. Be sure to include your student ID number and the course name/time you’d like to add. We will send you a confirmation e-mail once your classes are added to your schedule. This is not necessary if you are only enrolling in one MLA course (as is the standard for ROTC cadets). This unique circumstance with the UAccess conflict is only encountered by dual-enrolled students starting after their first semester of Freshman year.

    Pima Community College Students

    You can attend Pima Community College and be an Air Force ROTC cadet at the University of Arizona’s Detachment 020. PCC students attend their MLA academic courses, physical training, and leadership laboratories on UofA campus, but they are enrolled in these courses through PCC. See the enrollment diagram above for the list of Pima courses.

    Academic Minor (open to all university students)

  • Military Science & Leadership Minor